Employee Development: Good for Business. Good for People.

The right communication. The right results. The Right Resource.

What people skills do your employees lack that, if improved, would have the most impact on your bottom line? Skilled, committed people add financial value to any business. When employees’ skills meet business needs, it’s an all-around win.

“I help people discover and understand the information, tools and skills they need to achieve their best potential. I help senior leaders improve their businesses’ bottom lines by inspiring and developing their most important resource- people. I have over 25 years of experience as a facilitator, coach and speaker, helping people and organizations collectively realize their best potential. My business is being The Right Resource.”

Developing people’s communication skills to meet business needs.

The Right Resource provides a diverse spectrum of customized learning & development consulting services to meet client needs. We develop and deliver educational programs which improve staff and management performance: leadership development, performance coaching, change management, organizational change, employee engagement, generations in the workforce, relationship building, coaching, DiSC personality and leadership styles, customer service, written/oral communication skills.

How is Your Business Managing Its Most Valuable Resources?

Whatever your business size, people are your most important resource. Skilled, committed people add value to any business. Invest in them and they’ll invest in you.

The Right Resource helps businesses improve their bottom line by inspiring and developing their most important resources.

Employee Development

Good for Business. Good for People.

Programs and Workshops

    • Leadership Development
    • Employee Engagement
    • Change Management
    • Generations in the Workforce
    • Performance Coaching
    • Essential Management Skills
    • Culture Development
    • Team Building


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I have worked with Mary Beth for many years and brought her to my new employer to help with sales training. Our staff instantly was able to connect with her with proven success. I have worked with her of a variety of engagements and she has consistently exceeded my expectations time and time again.

Henry Baum
Executive VP
Mutual Security Credit Union

Mary Beth and I serve as directors on the premier business association in our region, the Bridgeport Regional Business Council. She was also the chair of the search committee that hired me to become BRBC’s CEO. She is a great facilitator and is sought after for her Human Resources skills and experience. She has a delightful personality and is an extremely valuable resource to me on a host of management issues. It is a distinct pleasure interacting with her professionally.

Mickey Herbert
President & CEO
Bridgeport Regional Business Council

Aquarion Company has utilized the services of Mary Beth Nelsen and The Right Resource for training and development seminars and managerial coaching. On all fronts her performance was superb. Her professional development programs are inspired, with participants fully engaged. She is both committed and caring, and delivered an exceptional return on our investment.

Charles Firlotte
President & CEO
Aquarion Water Company

I have had the privilege of working with Mary Beth Nelsen since 2015. She has presented and moderated nearly 20 events for our Business Association. All receiving rave reviews. Her delivery is smart and often humorous which serves to put an audience at ease – especially for interactive programs. She really has mastered the art of story-telling to the point that it doesn’t feel like you are in a program or at a seminar to book-learn but that you are there to life-learn. Both our corporate and small business audiences truly look-forward to the programs in which we engage Mary Beth’s skills and services.

Jocelyn Paoletta
Director of Communications
Bridgeport Regional Business Council